This blog is meant to be sort of a beginners study guide to Witchcraft. Though there is no ONE WAY when practicing witchcraft, this blog just gives you basic information you may want to have.


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- Hunter S Thompson

I don’t know if you know this but prayer beads can be an amazing tool. I went on Etsy again ( can you tell I love this site? ) and found some amazingly beautiful prayers beads. And if you want it’s super easy to make your own. All you need is some string/thread and some beads :)

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Are you looking for a great book of shadows? Or maybe just a spiritual journal? Well here are a few I have found on Etsy that I think suits everyone’s style. And if not here is a tutorial (Which is in 7 parts) I found on Youtube that may be of some help to those of you who want to make your own BOS or Spiritual Journal. Or you could even use a binder (or mini binder) to make your BOS. You could even use screw post binding

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Writing to Witches

Name you wish to Exchange by: Nina
Country of Residence : Canada
International: Y/N     Yes
Languages: English
How many Pen Pals you have/want: o/3
A brief about you: I have been interested in the craft since I was 12 years old. I’m 23, still practising on the days where I feel the most energy around me. Something inside my soul, tells me that this is who I am supposed to be :3
Any other info you want to share: I would love nothing more than to write to practising friends! Or just to basically talk, i’m as open as the sky. Blessed be!

“Hello, first thank you to take the time to answer, and sorry if my english is bad... There is a term I don't understand : "101". Is it the term to talk about the first year of a wiccan beginner ? I'm sorry, this question is maybe kind of stupid... Thank you for your help ! It is really appreciated :)”

Well, When people talk about “[Subject] 101” it’s to mean a beginning in something. In the American college/university system 101 denotes the first year, first class, it can also be a basic class that is a rough over view. For example, in psychology 101 you would be learning all the basics of a lot of different things without really going in depth into anything. It’s where you would learn about all the things you SHOULD know about in psychology, but they usually only grace the surface. 

In Wicca, I would assume they mean things like The Sabbats and Esabats, calling the four corners, The evolution of the God and Goddess, a basic understanding of the different tools you can use… things like that.

Sometimes, people forget that not EVERYONE who is Wiccan/Pagan/A Witch are from America and use colloquialisms to describe things. (Never mind that Wicca started in England, but okay) Now, how long it takes you to get out of 101 topics is another story. Traditionally, it would be at the very least a year (and a day) at least, to my understanding. 

I hope this helps.  <3

-Joanna (dragonslave)

And don’t fret about your English. <3 You’re wonderful!

“sorry for this very very dumb question, but what exactly is a patron God and Goddess? and how do you decide on which one? Also, I've seen people change their altar either with the season or the sabbats or even day of the week, is it wrong to just have one permanent altar? say like just one altar for aphrodite or some other goddess or god all year round as your main altar?”


It’s not a dumb question at all! A patron God/ess is a God/ess that you feel a strong connection with, or one that has made a presence in your life. I don’t like saying that you should… DECIDE on one, per say…? I think that, with anything really, they should come to you, or you should feel such a strong connection to them that you can’t stop thinking about them and how they are in your life. 

Some people DO change their alter for each season or for each spoke of the wheel of the year. I think this is kindda a fun thing that some people do (I don’t have an alter at all… so… no changing it with the seasons for me~)

And it is NOT wrong at all to have one alter or god/ess all year round. I mean, there are some people who have more than one alter in their house. Like.. one that they change for the seasons and use for rituals and one that they use for a specific deity that they feel a connection with

Just make sure that it’s okay with whatever tradition you’re a part of… and don’t appropriate your god/ess. Some are very anti-other culture/paths and some are more open to it. Research is your friend!

“This may seem like a really stupid question but I don't have access to very many books and I can't seem to find much about it. Though once someone finds their Patron God or Goddess how do they go about worshiping them exactly?”

Well, Honestly, that depends on the God or Goddess. Each God/Goddess has their own unique way of being worshiped. I would need a bit more information on WHICH god or goddess you were looking for information on~

Name you wish to Exchange by: Sara, Bluejay, or Tashi, whichever you prefer.
Country of Residence : US of A
International: Y
Languages: English, y un poco de espanol, but I’m not exactly fluent in the second one.
How many Pen Pals you have/want: 0/Whoever is interested.
A brief about you: I’m 16, female, and live in the Midwest. I was raised by Zen Buddhist parents who both came from conservative Christian families. I became interested in Wicca about three years ago and have been practicing the Craft for about a year and a half. I’m particularly interested in Shamanism, Spirit Animals and Meditation, but I love talking about anything related to the earth or Pagan practices, and lots of other things too. In fact I just love talking in general.
Any other info you want to share: -I’m a huge nerd! My fandoms include but are not limited to Harry Potter, Avengers, Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings, Steampunk, Homestuck and Pokemon. -I’m really interested in Psychology, dreams and how the brain works. -I will accept anyone regardless of age, race, gender/gender identity, sexuality, religion, etc. I’m a very open minded person. -I’d prefer to write to someone through email at first since my parents are all uptight about me giving out my address, but if you really want to send letters I’m sure we can work something out. -Have a great day! :~)

Writing to Witches: RHS

Name you wish to Exchange by: Any version of Willow, Shadow, Jessica, Raven, or any name that you think feels fitting. There’s really only one or two names in the entire universe I wouldn’t want to be called by.

Country of Residence: United States of America

International: Sure!

Languages: English, Latin, y un poco de espanol. (Among others - but those are the fluent ones.)

Number of Penpals I seek: 1 to infinity.

Some things about myself: I’ve had half a dozen penpals throughout my life and I’m currently keeping correspondence with one of my dearest friends all the way in Ireland.

~ My spirituality has no specific name, but it runs closest to a combination of Celtic paganism with touches of Zen Buddhism, Cherokee Medicine, and Finnish paganism. (Mielikki is my ‘patron Goddess’, if you can call her that.)

~ “Witchy” practices: healing, empathy, mysticism (union with the universe/the divine), astral Travel, Druidism, magicks of all sorts (moving energy and the study of its source - light, dark, chaos, angelic, shamanistic, you name it).

~ I’m here to meet anyone who can share similar interests or introduce me to something else new and intriguing - the unfamiliar is always fascinating.

~ I’m a writer, and though there is little I won’t touch on, I can be subtly evasive or I can write page upon page of information and explanation. I’m not very good at small-talk or keeping it brief when there’s more information to share.

~ The physical facts: I’m female, 19, a college student, and sexuality is a matter I don’t take lightly. (I’m practically asexual.)

~ I don’t discriminate or grow bored of people; any and all communication is welcome, so long as the intentions are good!

“Hi I was just wondering if you knew any good starter books on wiccan's and paganism. I've always been really interested in it all but I have no idea where to start?”

Yes, one of my fave books on introducing Wicca to people is called “Wicca (a guide for the solitary practitioner)” by Scott Cunningham. The book has a theoretical part and a practical (exercise) part which I thought was really cool. Coming with the book are also book recommendations on further studies and topics. :) 

Blessed be!

(if anyone else knows other books that are good, please comment/reblog!) 

“could you spare some knowledge on the symbol, Heptagram?”

yes i can! 
the heptagram is a 7 pointed “star”, also called the witch’s or astrologer’s star. it is a very magical symbol because it has has the number 7 woven in it. 

7 is the number associated with venus (funny you ask now, venus is currently retrogate) and sometimes with neptune as well. it also stands for love and sexuality (coming with venus). in the western kabbalah, seven relates to venus and her strong sexual energies (which are similar to mars). the heptagram in kabbalah also symbloizes the 7 colors of the rainbow, the 7 notes of music, the 7 planets, the 7 alchemical metals, the 7 days of the week and the sphere of netzach.  

in the picture you see each end has a planet aligned to it, being symbolic for the 7 days of the week (each day stands with a planet). the planets are sun (sunday), moon (munday), mars (tuesday), mercury (wednesday), jupiter (thursday), venus (friday) and saturn (saturday). 

the heptagon takes that emotion inwards: it stands for containment. some people use all 3 in the last picture to get a powerful mandala. 

the heptagram also symbolizes the 7 chakras: balancing and harmonizing them give you health, power and a happy physical and mental life :D

here a quick explanation what an obtuse and acute heptagram are (as shown in last picture):

i hope that helps :)

blessed be!

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